7 Main Secrets Of Power In Leadership

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Being a Leader requires many things such as:
1.A solid and good Foundation
2. WISDOM at a large extent
3. Humility
4. Honesty
5. Diligence
6. Hard work
7. Motivational Actions and Words
If you are an individual and you have these mind you these are not the secrets to power only the characteristics of a leader and these are just a few of them you’ll find out there is Discipline,Positive Moral Values and so on, to be a leader you have to know about your environment, the people you’ll lead, and the atmosphere of kind of duty you must perform to keep your followers loyal, happy, and respectful of you because of how you posses your heights of power.
Gone are the days when power was measured by how many bloods spilled now power even as it was in the temple of King Solomon, power is now measured based on your capability of handling issues with WISDOM .
But don’t be deceived in some countries blood spillage is still used to attain power and the people’s voices are silent too because in this countries the ruling powers make sure blood is spilled everywhere just to show how powerful they are which is to be frank unlawful and must be condemned by the international community and I use this medium to call on the United Nations to stregthen the institution by eradicating these acts of gory violence in this countries existing in our world today.
Now back to the topic, power is not gotten by bragging about strength, carrying the most heaviest objects or beating up the unbeatable but power is actually the act of doing your will in accordance with the will of your people.
I’ll give you an example
Hercules was not called the most powerful man on Earth but the God Of Strength
But Aladdin’s Genie was the most powerful man on the Earth but he never bragged about Strength or anything instead he granted Aladdin his wish and even turned back into being human with the help of who? Aladdin!!! This is wisdom let those who have eyes read to understand.
Jafar wanted to be the most powerful but ended up in the lamp, do you now get the point?
Now being a powerful person also means you need the help of others and you can’t do it all by yourself this is the difference between power and strength.
Strength: This is the act of doing your will not at anybody’s will but at your own will not concerned about the outcome it would have on the people and you in a whole.
So let’s see this below
A powerful man plays by the rule of law to win
A strong man plays by the rule of war to win
*Rule of law is the set of prescribed laws to be followed at all times.
*Rule of war is the strategized set of options an individual can use so as to interpret peace in his or her own manner
In the rule of war it is said; “When there is war there is peace and when there is peace there is war”.
So ultimately they believe to achieve peace is to begin a war and with a war comes peace, have you ever had it in mind why people die everyday because if senseless killings? Or why a country would desolate another and call it a defense of their national security and peace of the people. As if they were not in peace before their loved ones were brutally killed for nothing’s sake.
I’m not going to use this article to cry out concerning the deaths in Syria, Afghanistan,Texas Shooting, Mosque bombings,etc. Let’s just move on so I can raise positive leaders of the future that can bring heaven down to Earth because of all round global positivity.
Back to my topic.
Being a Leader requires you to learn fast, speak audibly, give motivation and understand your followers/People.
You must be a role model of what your people should be.
See Boko Haram and other terrorist organization they follow a role model he must be an extremist, muderer,bomber and independent fighter.
See the churches the congregation dresses formally like the clerics or pastors.
In the Millitary the Captain is your role model. You do as he commands and follow no other training than his.
Also in the banks most of the bankers are drivers of themselves so they copy this attitude from their bosses they arrive work early, and still stay in the banks till dark after attendance to the customers.
Are we all clear?
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Now what are the seven secrets to power in Leadership and also where you work.
If you are the type who loves laughing hysterically you don’t need that when aiming to attain power or become a leader it makes you irrelevant, if you are a boss and you do that to your employees most times they would mock you behind you but you wouldn’t know and they would even plan to set you up because you always act out in a joking manner they would take you and your words for a joke. This number one thing listed here is the failure of many job seekers,job owners and leaders. Infact if you are trying to be a leader and this number one thing is your habit or lifestyle you wouldn’t probably lead in a decade and even if you do you will in a wrong manner. E.G; Venezeluan President, Ukrainian President
Look I didn’t say they have failed in leading but if you listen they all have complications in their career as leaders.
2. Don’t Make too Much Friends:
If you are the friendly type at the place where you want to be seen as a leader make friends and but not too much of them infact most times it’s advisable that those you want to lead should be over to you than outsiders, those are the friends who would come in sheep’s clothing to end up destroying your leadership career.
Even insiders betray leaders so be careful of how you choose to make friends if you truly want to become a leader.
3: Become An Introvert But an extraordinary Extrovert:
What do you mean by that?
Those who prefer staying indoors almost all the time end up becoming very great people,why? Those who are indoors research about the outside world even more than those spending time outside with friends, working,chilling,etc.
But when you balance the both in one as an individual then you are a leader already! Why is that so?
When you stay indoor and do researches and you are current with what is going on around you when you go out to speak to those willing to listen to you, you give them more knowledge of their environment which many people appreciate from a leader. Let me use a biblical example:
Daniel in the Bible was not an outgoing person, after his duties he would be praying in his inner room three times in a day and after which as he goes out he shines more than his counterparts. That is the secret I’m talking about.
4. Understand Wisdom: You must first of all understand what being wise means and how you can understand wisdom is by using past experiences or other people’s experiences to carve your own path in your own direction.
5. Humility: Being a leader or a powerful person doesn’t require you to be ‘BOASTY’ NO!!!!! FAR FROM THAT. You have to be humble that way your enemies would use a wrong tactics against you because you shut your mouth when you should have and opened it when you had too!!!!!!
6. Understand What Power Really Means: As I explained earlier to you there is a big difference between being the most powerful and most strongest so you can see above all I wrote about power that is what it is. President of Russia Vladmir Putin never bragged of his strength but praises the capability and agility his followers put into national security, national pride, national patriotism,etc.
7. Be A Man Of The People and No People: Just as our Nigerian president acclaimed famously “I am for (por) everybody and for (por) Nobody – President Muhammadu BUHARI that’s exactly how you should train yourself to be, be everybody’s friend at the same time everybody’s enemy that way you make your enemies respect their boundaries and your office or heights of power. This means you’ll only be honest to your followers, help them in an unprecedented way and also punish those who break the law just as our blessed president is doing. God bless Nigeria.
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