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About Us
Global Updates Blog

Our new Features:

  • Credible and factual information from around the world.
  • State of the art Muisc and brand promotions.
  • Special Web Design and Development Sessions for only subscribers (Only Interested Subscribers in the United States and Nigeria)
  • Bringing to our subscribers/viewers forums which they can discuss matters arising.
  • Topics are available for our subscribers to hamper on.
  • Promoting valid content,articles,videos which does not promote self hate, violence or suicidal thoughts. Any content seen to not meet the minimum requirements such a subscriber would be thrown out of this site and blacklisted on other Google or WordPress hosted site. Thread Carefully.

Global Updates Blog and Stores offer the following services below:

  • Selling of digital and physical products everywhere in the world
  • Promotion of audiomack songs for an awesome view an unlimited streams as your songs are also streamed here.
  • Promotion and advertisement of products and services
  • Sale of educational books for e-learning
  • Website Design and Development Training and
  • Bringing breaking news and other events straight to you at home!!!!

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