After Meeting Bail Conditions The DSS Refuse to let Sowore Go Free

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It is only in Nigeria the leaders would be fighting a cause which they also involve in rigidly. 

How can the highest sitting court in a country give an order and the ruling party along with security forces defile that court order.

Mr. Omoyele Sowore ex- presidential candidate in the last elections was areested because he was being accused of money laundering and felony alongside treason. But the only thing i saw was the ruling party trying to break a univeral human right of freedom which is; freedom of speech and freedom of expression.
If the ruling party can do this that means Nigeria’s political landscape can never ever be safe,peaceful or democratic.
Please i call on the international community to address this issue so we can move forward as a nation.

 A video showing Sowore in court aftr meeting bail condtions.

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