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Aisha Yesufu’s October 1st speech got security agents lowering their guns



Aisha Yesufu|
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Aisha Yesufu again had voiced out on October 1st on the harassment of protesters by police officers thereby making dear citizens look like slaves.

She made a very strong speech that made every security agent in the place lower their guns to listen to what she had to say.

Yesufu’s speech went thus;

“Look at all of you standing 200 of you with guns, touting them against unarmed civillians, where do you live?, in dirty barracks and your children go to low budget schools and cant attain the one’s your masters put their children. Just look at all of you, you can come out to unarmed citizens but when you are called to fight bandits you are nowhere to be found, when they are called to Sambisa forest they would resign, who do you think you are making a fool of?”

“You see the president and you see us the citizens, our office is higher than that of the president, his position is just the highest political office but i am the employer of the president, he is paid from my taxes so my office is higher than that of the president!”

She retorted to them and made them know they were not meant to attack protesters but defend them for it is in the interest of both parties; A better Nigeria.

Video can be seen below