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18 Sep, 2021
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Anonymous hacks Airtel Nigeria

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Anonymous also known as YourAnonCentral has again made it to the news as the group of black hats attempted to hack into the Airtel service network and gave out airtime of 1000 naira to the exisiting customers of the network.

According to a spokesperson of Airtel Nigeria in FCT Abuja said that such was not the case as the company just decided to give out free credit alert to those they feel are protesting.

But shortly after this happened MTN dashed out data worth 1000 naira to its customers without a blink and they came out to say they didn’t initiate such, so who did?

According to viral reports it is said that the same Anonymous also attacked the network service also in support of the #EndSARS protest.

This all happened after he hacked into the services of cable TV channels rendering all channels free to watch.

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