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Benefits of registration with us

There are lots of benefits when you register with us and buy a membership plan as you”ll be able to create groups on this site,buy points or gain points for completing tasks.

How do I earn points?

We operate Global Cash Points (G-Cash) which values for 1 to 0.5 naira, when you get to 500 of those points you can withdraw your cash to your bank account.

You earn points by reading,liking,commenting and sharing posts.

You earn points by creating groups and topics for this site which is 5 points each, and guess what you can use those points to buy any product in our shop.

Points can be transferred from one user to another either for a trade,gift or other business related issues whereby raw cash can’t be exchanged.

Being active online on a daily basis gives you 2 points on a daily basis and you can withdraw your points to the maximum of 200 points a day.

When signing up and selecting a membership level be aware you can edit your profile and add bank details with it, where your earnings would be sent too.

User Profiles and Badges

As a new user you can access your profile using the account profile page and customize it the way you like it.

Badges would be awarded to users who

  • Refer people to sign up and buy a plan and get 100 NGN directly to your wallet
  • Refer people to buy products whereby 15% of profit made would be sent to the user’s wallet.
  • Buying a product from us and the next time you buy you get a 20% discount

Every time you login you get awarded with 10 points daily and you can withdraw these points as you get just 200 of them!!!!

So you can earn and also make friends and share your earnings with them!!!!

Groups and forums are only for registered members to view.

As you register bear in mind you can cancel membership before it expires and you can read our refund policy for more information.

If in doubt of this offer we have an anti-money laundering policy read it.