Biden has always been a puppet- Mr Watter 10/5/2020

Democratic candidate, Joe Biden has been accused of raping an innocent lady which has dropped his campaingn for presidency, for now.

A fox news journalist this morning by the name, Mr Watter described the former vice president under President Barack Obama as a puppet referring him to a controlled human that can be used for any act at all.

Miss. Tara Reade accused former vice president and now presidential candidate Joe Biden of sexually assaulting her, which he as he usually does, denied the fact that such a thing happened.

Miss Tara on the other hand is seeking justice for what Joe Biden did to her.

Basically the information given to Global Updates was that he assaulted her while she worked in his office in the year 1993!

It’s actually a long time before now quite alright but why didn’t she come out when when Joe Biden was Vice president, why now?

Joe Biden and Miss Reade

After heated arguments and debates between President Donald J Trump and Joe Biden, it looked like its almost over for the democratic party but its not over yet as Joe Biden made an interesting claim yesterday via fox news.

The claim goes thus:

I am going to level up my campaign and make sure all these rumors dont interfere with my election the same way with the Russian collusion”

After he made this statement live on Fox News he gave his party so much to be much confident in him, but would that confidence last?

Miss Reade after making a detailed confessions was agonizing in tears bitterly recalling that incident where Joe Biden tore her clothes apart and had his way with her, but she was afraid to call the police cause Biden got connections in China and some other places.

Joe Biden (Democrat) VS Donald Trump (Republican)+ Miss Tara Reade and the Coronavirus

Democratic and Republican Party

Ever since there was an accusation against Joe Biden the Trump “KAGA” campaign has won alot of love especially from Biden’s supporters. “Was that not even worse than an anticipated boxing match?

This could cost Joe Biden everything he has ever worked for in his political career.

Let’s not forget the relationship this same man has with China, and the business deals he has kept with them, probably that’s one of his motivations to contest as a leader (even if he doesn’t act like one).

All these things leveled against him makes the Democratic party a laughing stock globally and they are now perceived as one of the most dangerous people when it comes to playing cheap politics.

When China spread the Coronavirus instead of Biden to retaliate and fight back what originally seemed to emanate from Wuhan, China and told the public “It’s not a Chinese virus because if it is it wouldn’t have been everywhere”.

So to say Joe Biden believes if a virus originates from a place it stays there and don’t move! See why i said earlier he’s not fit to be a leader.

Who Is Tara Reade?

She was a former employee of the Bidens sometime back in 1993 and worked under him as his clerk and moved on to be a typist and as she was about becoming an administrative staff.

Joe Biden ran for congress and after the victory he got he was too elated and met with his best worker which is Miss Tara and invited her into the office.

Yes he forcefully assaulted her on his office desk and it’s very possible Joe’s wife knows he assaults women but not this lady as she confirmed it’s her first time ever seeing the lady. (which we are yet to confirm).

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