//Bill Gates Foundation Donates $5million to help public health agencies fight the COVID-19 Pandemic

Bill Gates Foundation Donates $5million to help public health agencies fight the COVID-19 Pandemic

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The Bill and Melinda Gates foundation on March 4, 2020 gave out a total sum of five million dollars to fight the corona virus infection,globally.

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As China erases the virus from existence, Italy battles on...

First discovered in the Hubei province of China it spread like wildfire and hit its first victim Dr. Li Wen Liang and has now killed ove 60,000 people globally.

In Africa 600 cases have been recorded,South Africa being the worst hit by the pandemic.

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The W.H.O (World Health Organization) has hailed China and Nigeria in its quick & speedy response to the fight of the virus.

What to Expect?

Now that the virus has closed down everywhere, i ask, “wetin man go do?”, cause right now we are living in a zombie like apocalypse.

This disease as we all know has been linked to conspiracy theories claiming Nostradamus made such prophecy.

Was it true?

Does that mean there is a planet X?

Does it mean we would surely see war again?

It”s left for you readers to be the judge.

Yee hah!!! Corona can’t live in Israel!!!!!

The Blessed Nation

The holy land of Israel had of yesterday by 1:00am reported only one confirmed case of the virus which has been put under control and from the looks of things, Israel won’t be fighting any virus.

One thing i know is as far as Israel remains God’s holy land and a sovereign nation the works of man and the devil would not prevail in the land at all.

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The Fall Of Babylon

As the book of Revelation speaks of the fall of Babylon so we can see now, we are at the time of tribulation where God tests his followers allowing the devil to wreak havoc on Earth.

As we all can see the world economy has been undergoing gradual collapse and if this virus is not contained globally it"ll be a problem.
There would be food shortages, low flow of income then a cure which requires you receive a mark to be healed.


  • Always sanitize hands after doing anything with your hands
  • When dealing with animals after done stay clean
  • Always wear surgical masks and gloves when going out
  • Avoid close contact with infected persons or person.
  • Stay 5cm farther from anyone found coughing or sneezing or even spiting uncontrollably
  • Stay Healthy
  • Avoid large gatherings
  • Isolate yourself when you have the following symptoms; fever, dry cough,difficulty in breathing and severe headache.
  • Please report to the nearest health agency around you if symptoms persist.

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South Korean woman spreading the corona virus to the world.

COVID-19 self testing soon available

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