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23 Sep, 2021
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23 Sep, 2021
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23 Sep, 2021
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23 Sep, 2021
World leaders speak on...

Leaders of South Africa, Iraq, Libya National Unity Government among those to speak on Thursday.

23 Sep, 2021
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BLM speaker declares war on animal cops

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Just In: Black Lives Matter (BLM) speaker just fours ago had declared war on what he described as “filthy animal cops”.

Read her statement below:

“This is a war, guys … We’re getting ready to get armored up around here,” declared Letha Winston, whose son, Patrick Kimmons, was shot dead by cops in 2018 as he charged toward them seconds after he shot two men.

“I will continue with my mission by any means necessary,” she added — repeating “by any means necessary” several times as she spoke for more than an hour Sunday in front of the Oregon city’s Justice Center.

Enlarge ImageA Portland BLM activist told other militants that cops should “fry like burnt bacon.”
A Portland BLM activist told other militants that cops should “fry like burnt bacon.”Twitter
“I know you got a gun, but so do I … Go ahead and shoot me — I’m shooting back,” she told the cheering crowd, addressing them as “comrades.”

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