Saudi Arabia suspends $2B...

The disruption, blamed on the coronavirus pandemic, is seen as a setback to the kingdom’s privatisation plans.

26 Jul, 2021
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26 Jul, 2021
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26 Jul, 2021
Clashes outside Tunisia’s parliament...

Army protects Parliament after President Saied removed government and legislature following protests against government.

26 Jul, 2021
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Security forces involved in the raid said they were carrying out instructions and asked all journalists to leave.

26 Jul, 2021
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Tunisia faces political, economic turmoil again as President Saied removes PM Mechichi, suspends Parliament.

26 Jul, 2021
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Buhari Knocks Citizens

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Mr.MacaroniAfter the Democracy Day protest that held in Nigeria, President Muhammadu Buhari had earlier warned that there should be no disturbance of peaceful movements in the streets. This warning was defiled by vibrant youths who came out to protest for a change in the administration of government, after the same administration reportedly banned Twitter.

“It is a sin, the government is trying to steal our rights to the freedom of speech, the same thing that happened at #EndSars is what is playing out now, the government always thinks that when Nigerian’s speak they are at war with them, but it’s not true. We are only fighting for what we believe is our right and we have the right to protest, as long as we are in a democracy, not the democracy they want us to understand.”

Mr. Macaraoni Online video personality spoke out against the administration and stood for the people as he usually does.

Buhari then on an interview said this “What i will do to Twitter i will keep to myself, but those clamouring for cessation and those fighting my administration we would treat them in a language they understand

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