UN Security Council extends...

Fifteen-member body unanimously passes resolution also calling for an ‘inclusive and representative government’.

17 Sep, 2021
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Some rich countries are preparing COVID vaccine boosters as lower-income countries struggle to vaccinate at-risk groups.

17 Sep, 2021
Taliban says classes resume...

Private schools at primary, secondary level. as well as official religious schools, will be open from Saturday.

17 Sep, 2021
Iran denounces ‘unilateralism’ as...

President sends message of regional multilateralism as Iran fully joins influential Shanghai Cooperation Organisation.

17 Sep, 2021
US general defends calls...

Mark Milley said the calls, which have come under scrutiny, were ‘routine’ and meant to assure ‘strategic stability’.

17 Sep, 2021
US braces for #JusticeforJ6...

Supporters of former president claim people arrested for invading the US Capitol on January 6 are ‘political prisoners’.

17 Sep, 2021
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Cardi B and Offset welcomes second child

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The WAP crooner Cardi B and ife of Migos band individual Offset, is pregnant again!!!

Now Offset is a father of 5!

Now Cardi B and Offset are set to have a baby boy which would be Cardi’s second child for Offset and his fifth child.

Offset and Cardi B

The rap star made the surprise announcement at the 2021 BET Awards Sunday night as she joined Migos for a performance onstage, revealing her baby bump. She also posted a gorgeous maternity shoot on Instagram with the caption, “#2! ♥️ @offsetyrn,” tagging her husband and fellow rapper, Offset.

Cardi and Offset secretly married in 2017, though they’ve had their share of ups and downs since then. (She filed for divorce in September 2020 but she called it off two months later.) However, she previously told Harper’s BAZAAR about the special bond Offset has with their baby girl. “My daughter loves her dad. She really, really does,” she said.

As for her own experiences with motherhood, the “WAP” rapper also opened up about freely expressing her sexuality while being a parent. “I feel like when I’m half naked and when I twerk, people be like, ‘You’re a mom now,’ and it’s like, ‘Well, I was doing it before I was a mom, so it’s not like there’s gonna be a difference,'” she said. “One day, my daughter’s gonna see my body and she’s gonna see me twerking and it’s like, ‘Would it make a difference if I did it after or before her?’ It’s still out there. I feel like moms who do wanna feel sexy can be. I don’t feel like once you become a mom, you supposed to be this nun.”