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BLM speaker declares war on animal cops

Just In: Black Lives Matter (BLM) speaker just fours ago had declared war on what he described as “filthy animal cops”. Read her statement below: “This is a war, guys … We’re getting ready...

Crisis in South China 14

Crisis in South China

The United States of America and Japan has held a joint drill at the South China Sea yesterday for a show of force. This crisis according to Express news has been active since last...


FG to borrow $500M to digitalize NTA

Full Report: Minister of Information Lai Mohammed of recent pledged to turn NTA to CNN if the $500 million was disbursed to the ministry. He said the creative industry employs no fewer than one...

President Trump 0

Was President Donald Trump’ Impeached?

On Wednesday, the House impeached Mr Trump on charges of abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. But Democrats have yet to embark on the next stage, arguing the Republican-controlled Senate is refusing witnesses...