//Newborn baby tests positive for the Coronavirus

Newborn baby tests positive for the Coronavirus

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A newborn baby in the California Air Base has been quarantined to halt the spread of the virus to other new born babies. This just happened 120 hours ago.

Other newly born babies have also been quarantined to ensure there is no spread of the virus around the country.

Globally Spreading Epidemic Hits Africa

The deadly epidemic has also affected the African country of Egypt infecting two of its citizens after they arrived Cairo from Taiwan,China.

It has also been recorded to have killed over 60 people in a cruise ship leaving Britain to Hubei,China.

Chen also a journalist reporting the coronavirus epidemic had gone mising two minutes he was tested positive and was nowhere to be found.

This was due to reports that virus victims were being taken to an underground gas chamber to be killed en masse.

The video above shows the babies being quarantined of the deadly virus.

The video above shows second citizen journalist missing after tested positive of the Coronavirus.

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