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Don Jazzy and other celebrities join the #EndSars Campaign

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Don Jazzy and many other popular artistes in Nigeria have come out to condemn the extra-judicial killings by the SARS unit of the Nigeria police force.

I remember vividly how SARS officials entered my own house without invitation or arrest warrant and one of them cocked a gun at me my mother came in front of me to protect me and he still swopped her away with his gun and brutalized me, Thank God i and my mother are still alive today. For no just cause and i was tortured but left to feel the pain of pepper spray in my eyes and whole body for the next three hours. I started the #EndSARS tweet early this year to share my story and not just a year away these men have killed another innocent soul by the name Daniel Chibuike.

Reports say the young man was intercepted by FSARS officials and when told to stop he ran off knowing fully well these men were out to extort from him since he was no criminal.

A viral video of the father of this young man crying like a baby and begging God to avenge his son’s death can be seen below

The fatehr cried to God to avenge the death of his son and you can see the prayer is working!!!

We as Nigerians must come together to make sure this unit of the police force is ended so this humiliation would stop, so all these incessant killings by trigger joy men would stop.