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ECOWAS suspends Mali, blocks borders as soldier declares self president

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Following the recent coup in Mali, the heads of the ECOWAS on Thursday 20th,August,2020 held an extraordinary summit on the situation in Mali.

This news comes in as the ECOWAS suspended Mali and directed African countries to close its border against them, even if they have been landlocked.

Recall, the military arrested the Malian president,Ibrahim Keita; and the country’s prime minister in a bid to take over the West African state.

ECOWAS has strongly condemned the undemocratic change of government as it is against the ECOWAS Protocol on Democracy and Good Governance.

Earlier, the West African body stated that the military action in Mali would impact negatively on the stability and peace of the West African State.

The interim dictator by name, Goita announced his new position after a meeting with top civil servants on Wednesday.

He said, “Let me introduce myself, i am Colonel Asimi Goita the chairman of the National Committee for the salvation of the people”.

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