//Elon Musk & Bill Gates and candidacy of the Anti Christ.

Elon Musk & Bill Gates and candidacy of the Anti Christ.

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With the recent happenings, Elon Musk has been of great help to tht world at these hard times. A man worth $29.56 billion dollars like him has less things to worry about.

He has given out ventilators, vaccines and many other goodies only to countries willing to upgrade to the 5Gnetwork.

Bill Gates in his own way has donated over 250 million US dollars for fighting the Coronavirus pandemic but yet it has hit it’s million mark, Spain recording a record loss of 100,000 people in just a day. So in this case money doesn’t solve the problem.

With the ever blazing philanthropy of Mr. Elon Musk rumors have it that if he can create a lasting solution to this pandemic which he’s already working on, he would want to be glorified as a god cause he’s the only one with the curre of a lawless pandemic like COVID-19.

Bill Gates doing well using the Gates foundation to provide for those infected and affected by this pandemic, don’t forget that big man doesn’t believe in God or any form of supernatural being, the founder/CEO of Microsoft could in line create apps whereby u can get tested and get an implant of a chip for the curing of any disease thereby making one to seek death but won’t find it.

These two rich and powerful men may be the two beass Revelation talked about or it may not be them. But let me clear the air on that.

The number of the Anti-christ is 666

Mark of the beast
Mark of the beast

Remember this figure?, It can scare you off your pants right? But what if I told you the man with such a number.

Yes he exists!!!! Right before you he sets a middle East peace plan in the middle of tribulation and he attached 666 fifth avenue along New York Wall Street.

His name is Jared Kushner and he just popped out from nowhere as soon as Trump took office but that’s not our discussion.

He isn’t a suitable candidate for this role as he is Judean Orthodox and he believes in peace and oneness of the human soul.

Oneness???! Now you’ll ask then you’ll surely say he is the candidate, the one world government and so on.


Bill Gates and Elon Musk Candidacy of the Anti-christ
Bill Gates (CEO/Founder Microsoft)

Bill Gates is a man no matter who you are,where you are and how you are would make u trust in him a wolf in sheep’s clothing!

Yes he might have created Microsoft but it didn’t stop hackers from gaining access to it. Same thing with a bio chip it is so dangerous that when hacked and implanted in you you start to experience mental degradation.

Search here for more information on Elon Musk, Bill Gates and Jared Kushner.

So if Microsoft produces a vaccine please be careful if you see it involves implant.

Elon Musk
CEO/Founder Space X & Tesla

The bad boy himself!!!! The creator of the TESLA cars and philanthropist has made a deal with world governments to install 5g in their countries if they need assistance.

As the pandemic worsens, of recent South Africa erected theirs and got assistance from him. Nigeria was kind of reluctant but bet me you can see the 5G network masses now in Lagos and Abuja

In case you don’t know 5G is another product from China. How about using 5G to gain your location and spy on your everyday life?

We need to be very careful at this times of tribulation.

When 5G is used to spy on you then the mark of the beast you so detest may be something u may have to compulsorily do so as to buy and sell whereby u don’t have it you are as good as nothing!

Now in your own view comment below which individual do you think is the best candidate?

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