Settler attacks wreak havoc...

Israeli settlers are committing violent, daily attacks against Palestinians harvesting their olive trees for the season.

17 Oct, 2021
Syrian government, opposition to...

A long-awaited agreement was reached in the UN-mandated talks between the two sides in Switzerland.

17 Oct, 2021
Shooting in Syria could...

Syria’s state-run news agency says Midhat Saleh was fatally shot by an Israeli sniper in the Golan Heights.

17 Oct, 2021
Commemorations held in France...

Historians say at least 120 protesters were killed by Paris police during demonstrations over discriminatory policies.

17 Oct, 2021
China slams US, Canada...

Beijing’s angry reaction comes after a US destroyer and Canadian frigate sailed through the narrow waterway.

17 Oct, 2021
Coalition ‘kills 160’ Yemen...

Saudi-led coalition says it has killed scores of Houthi rebels in air raids as warring sides battle near...

17 Oct, 2021
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Ending the war on drugs globally has begun!

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Republican Matt Gaetz votes for the release of drug offenders Expand

Republican congressman Matt Gaetz had voted with over 52 Democratic senators in the congress to decriminalize marijuana,opioid, etc.

There was also a call for a new global policy to address  drug abuse and overdoses.


The Beginning; Fire & Fury Expand

In many states from 1968 marijuana and its use were legalized in some states in the United States, e.g Colorado,Arizona,Atlanta Georgia,New Jersey,etc

So it’s use has been on the rise before now but now America is facing an opoid crisis there seems to be a new approach to the war on drugs, which is when a overdosed user is caught such user is taken in for Health Assessment or given the option to pay a $100 fine when caught.

The New Approach Expand

The new approach which is now read as  “Global Policy on Drug Use and Addiction” is said to save lives not ruin them as they seek to release inmates put in prison for the possession of drugs.

Dr. Mrs. Gernot Meyers added that “Most people who are depressed,stressed or lack certain benefits of life are those who possess these substances, which she said it was not their fault but that of those who represent the communities”.

Who would gain and who would not? Expand

Questions arose about who would gain from the programme and who would not.

Apparently users with a history of 1st degree federal crimes under the influence of drugs would not be added to this programme, only youths sent to prison especially black or brown colored teens for possession or use of drugs would be able to access this programme which means, “No more going to jail for the possession of hard substances”

The Wider Reach Expand

As Joe Biden prepares to take over from Donald J Trump he has made plans with his team to make this policy a global one reaching Europe,Britain,Middle East,Africa and other parts of the world.

He made this known in an interview with ABC news. He stated that with the help of China and the W.H.O they would make sure the policy is made global to stop the arrests of youths or adults found in possession of hard substances.