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#EndSARS: A long journey to lasting change and its obstacles

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The #EndSARS protest ensued after an innocent unarmed civilian was shot dead by the now defunct tactical team, in Rivers State Nigeria is where this gruesome act took place.
Ever since then till now the youths have taken to the streets to also lend out their voices and share their bitter experiences with this deadly tactical unit which has incessantly abused the rights of millions of Nigerians.

As the protest began with only the aim to end SARS, it changed from that to the youths pouring their grievances about different aspects of the government. It went from #EndSARS to #EndPoliceBrutality then to #EndBadGovernance and many others.
The protests ever since it began has no leader to represent the movement making it hard for the government to understand the demands of the protesters. But all demands according to the protesters must be met unless they still continue demonstrating.
This disadvantage of no leadership has made it easy for thugs and hoodlums to hijack the protests and also killing and setting of vehicles ablaze . Just recently cars were burnt at the Apo area of Abuja and these same herds men were seen plying the airport road to possibly disrupt any protests they come across.

According to the CEO Global Updates Inc, Uso Daniel Nwobasi said “This is the best and so far the first of it’s kind in a country like this, if the people keep it up they would be unstoppable!” as you can see the CEO is please with seeing such protests held in a country where everybody was fond of keeping quiet. This was the first time the government heard their own people and took action within 48 hrs.

Anywhere you are in Nigeria now except the riverine and river flooded Niger Delta, you’ll see that the electricity is being restored after being taken after a short time to avoid attacks by the protesters.

Before long we used to say “E go better for naija” but it was not glaring then than how it is now! , we just began the journey of change in our country so as to hold the Government accountable, stop human rights abuses and also a stronger revived economy of Nigeria.

What we can hope for now is that what was demanded is met and the police treated well and given increased salaries so as to get adequately for protecting our national Security.
The Obstacles Ahead:
As the protests goes on remember that it has been hijacked before now by hoodlums which can cause the military to take over. Below are a list of the obstacles which can make this journey a success or a failure.
• The Military
• The Police
• Government
• Bandits
• Fulani Herdsmen
• Boko Haram and
• Disorganization of protest movement.

These listed above are those things which we would overcome in the next days so as to make sure the government meets our demand.
We must come out to stand against police brutality and encourage them to send the new SWAT on a Boko Haram mission to test their intelligence and test their usage of special firearms.

As we have seen in recent days the police dispersed protesters in some states, the military vowed to move in as prisoners escape prison in Benin, Edo state thereby vowing to disrupt the protests.

The government in some states started placing curfews around their state to stop the movement from getting larger.
Bandits came as thugs in different states to attack protesters in the Northern states.
Herdsmen came around and burnt cars in Apo, Abuja causing an inferno of destruction.
There were fears that the ISWAP would operate at the protests venues, but something amazing happened, as the protests went on crime was reduced in the 36 states of the federation.
The protests after being hijacked started becoming disorganized even the government started to sense foul play, one side cant say they want SARS and many others are calling for the end of such. With different thoughts everyone had their differences and when arguments ensued you see this the movement becomes disorganized and the government would use any kind of force to make sure peace is restored to the state, and the lives and properties of citizens are safe.
But anyways don’t let theses pull you down, move and change your fatherland and make Nigeria great again!
God bless Nigeria.

EndSARS #EndPoliceBrutality

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