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Ganduje should be prosecuted and killed!- Aisha Yesufu



Aisha Yesufu|
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Aisha Yesufu who is also part of the #RevolutionNow team of Sowore and a critic of the present administration has voiced out concerning the trend in Kano State.

Recently, it was reported that a musician from Kano was being prosecuted for hailing the name of a politician higher than that of Allah which according to the report is a violation of the Sharia law. The Governor according to reports said he was eager and ready to sign the death certificate of the musician.

Aisha Yesufu has voiced out condemning his seemingly radical and extremist behavior towards his own people, she also accused him of involving in bribery which was seen on camera by many Nigerians.

“If this governor can be ready to sign one’s death certificate but runs away from the law then that is hypocrisy” cried out up and coming artiste and IT expert Daniel Uso aka Don Fury Marly.

“The governor of kano state must be prosecuted under the same law for bribery and killed according to the Sharia law”, said Aisha Yesufu.