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How to get your website moving with good D.A

When i started having love for websites is when i visited My Naija Kings, Linda Ikeji’s Blog and even Tooxclusive at the time i was still using Blogger.

I used Blogger to train myself on how to write attractive articles worth reading for my subscribers and fanbase.

Apart from a catchy article to make your site known you need these listed below:

  • Good Backlinks
  • Adding internal links to your posts
  • Adding external links to your posts
  • Quality SEO
  • and Social Media Marketing tools

Good Backlinks

Building good backlinks is a topmost priority if you want to have an outstanding website and niche that is unique and awesome!

Not just back links but link your site to high ranking sites on Google

And you on your way to having a high ranking website on Google.

Without good backlinks you may never find your site anywhere close to google search engines no matter how many times you index your site.

Adding Internal Links In Your Posts

When creating blog posts you would want that post being created and other related posts show alongside it shey? (I Think) Then you need to read this part of the article more.

When you add internal links in your posts it helps the posts being linked to be discovered by Google quickly only if; Posts have quality and knowledgeable information which is useful to the reader.

You may not see it as important now but if you want to get somewhere in the digital world you have to go digitally deep.

Adding External Links In Your Posts

When creating a post and you forget these two main things which are external and internal bound linking then don’t think of see ing your site appear on Google search results.

When you link to high ranking authentic domains it favours you to get ranked in Google, however Google does not favour link building you can do it little by little and don’t go into the rush.

Quality SEO

After all these being done then you can go for making your site live on Google using different plugins such as; Yoast,Rank Math, SEO Press and a lot more of them.

I’ll make it clear in this article that none of the plugins above are better than one another, the workload is on you except you use Yoast premium features whereby external links are suggested for you.

Social Media Marketing Tools

If you want to get live traffic to your site on a daily basis then you must be ready to promote with the different social media tools available.

Running ads with Instagram,Facebook,Twitter and the rest may look somewhat expensive or not meeting your expectations, but that is just because you don’t do it the right way.

When you create a post and you have a social sharer plugin e.g Get Social, your readers get to share your article if they love it via their social media channels,then as the owner also create social profile links whereby your readers can follow you up and know what your’e up to.

Boom!!! You’ve secured your lead and converted them to money.

Lastly, what does D.A stand for? D.A simply means Domain Authority which shows the position your site ranks on Google which is so helpful in gaining leads from different parts of the world.

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