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How to install High end PC Games on a system without hitch

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Many of us must have bought high end games for PS5 or Xbox willing to play them on a PC but get stuck when installation hangs.

You at the right place if you are seeking solution.

When you get such games they come in two DVD’s at a go, most times it’s as simple as putting the first disk, copying files to a desired folder then install the main game via the other disc also copying contents to folder created, but most times this methods still fails.

Examples of software disc errors

MSVCRP110.DLL is missing from your computer

SYNSOAC32.dll is missing from your computer


AGEIA PHYSX GE FORCE is missing from your computer

Setup bin-2 is corrupted

Cant open file- ****.cfg is missing from your computer try reinstalling the program again.

The good news is you can bypass all of this with many simple steps.

If using Windows 10 update to the latest version and also download the latest drivers of the system for the Generic Gamepad or Dualshock Gamepad and these drivers;

GE Force X 12 Drivers Windows 10






Latest USB Drivers for system

Latest Video Drivers

Latest Audio processor

500 Gb -1 TB HDD

Intel (Core i3 or i5)

Also download Steam to use offline with your pc to run XBOX and PS5 games and enable the fps in counter to normalize game speed and prevent CPU overheating.

Also remember that these games are high end and uses most of the proceesing the system has.

Most times after you play a specific high end game on an intel pentium system the processor paste could get dried up.

These things contribute to the breaking down of a computer system which is frustrating most times.

In our next article you would learn how to use the PS5 emulator and XBOX emulator also.

Get PS4 emulator here