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Israel VS Palestine (Revelation Unfolds)

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In the middle of April 2021, The muslims praying in the holy AL Aqsa mosque were brutally dehumanized and blown out of their worship place, while some managed to survive stones were hurled on Israeli Defense Forces.

It was the time of the month when the muslims celebrated the Ramadan and they were met with heavy bombardment, what was supposed to be a night full of celebration and jubilation, turned to a night of horror,loss and dejection for the Palestinians.

According to the prime minister, Benjamin Nethanyanhu, he had said Israel was defending itself from hostilities from Hamas. In all casualties a Hamas Commander and underground tunnel was brought to its kness with Israel’s Iron Dome.

Children, mothers and fathers all died in airstrikes that unfortunately hit citizens in the zone and caused them a collateral damage.

The Associated Press building alongside big time broadcasting channel Aljazeera also got hit by air strikes, but fortunately no casualty or injuries were recorded in that blast.

Would There Be A Ceasefire?

Exactly yes, a truce has been met with the United States mediating peace talks between Hamas and Israel.

Anthony Blinken Secretary of State to Joe Biden had reaffimed the support of the United States to respecting the right of Israel to defend itself and also promised to reopen the consulate in Jerusalem.

Anthony Blinken with Benjamin Nethanyanhu
Anthony Blinken with Prime Minister Benjamin Nethanyanhu

Altough the missile launches have ceased we still have reports of human rights abuse on innocent Palestinians citizens in Gaza.

Blinken stated that “A two state solution is the only forward to stop the conflicts between Palestine and Israel”

But can Israel really agree to a two state solution?

The Persecution of Palestinians

Even after the Holocaust which the Jews can never forget they are still very much hostile to each other. Recently innocent Palestinians we’re arrested by Israeli Defence Forces and we’re seen being taken away according to an eyewitness.

These recent hostilities reawakened the war back in 2014 which seemed to have been revived again.

This happening after there was a change in the White House.

How Does the Politics in The white House affect the Middle East?

Ever since after “The Holocaust” of the jews and a one state solution by the United Nations.

The United States has ever since been charged with the responsibility to alter the policies in the Middle East.

This can be seen visibly when Donald J Trump was elected president of the United States in 2016.

How he moved the capital of Israel to Jerusalem and had himself a coin comparing him to King Cyprus of Babylon.

He had always backed Israel in any conflict but immediately Joe Biden was elected President.

Relationships in the Middle East grew shallow and hostilities grew.

It is in this sense the Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken had come out to also pledge his support to the Palestinians; as the last administration had failed to do so which heightened the tension between the two nations.