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Military shoots protesters in Lagos, Govt denies no casualties

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In Lagos State at the Lekki environs was said that the military had invaded the toll gate and shot protesters who were unarmed.

protesters in lagos

The protests went on as peaceful as usual until the streets lights were turned off and they were gunshots heard and people seen dead on the spot after some minutes the bodies were whisked away to avoid autopsy done on such bodies.

But so far the governor of Lagos State has responded to calls and had denied there were any fatalities or casualties in the protests, thereby now making him the centre of attention in Lagos State.

It was a sad moment as photos were streaming in showing people shot and their liver got exposed, people with brain damage and also deadly fractures were seen on different social media pages this evening about the incident which took place in Lagos State.

This is following the continued the #EndSARS protests which began as a peaceful protest but has now turned to something else.

Lagos state has also has its own fair share of infernos rocking the state, from TVC News building to Sanwo Olus mother’s house to Oba’s palace in Lagos and so on and so forth.

Last heard, the hoodlums are now stationed at Bariga, Lagos State.

Please if going out now please stay safe as it is not safe out there now!

See Map of affected areas below: