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NBA President reacts to DSS action towards Sowore



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Omoyele Sowore and Son
“I boldly call the acts of the DSS in court towards Mr.Omoyele Sowore as unlawful and unjust and even the DSS offered me bribe of 1 million naira and i rejected it in this same administration preaching change?” – Deji Adeyanju

The president of the NBA siad this in an interview with TVC news saying, the continuous harrasment of former presidential candidate, Omoyele Sowore by officers of the Nigeria Police Force and secret service and debunked the actions of president Muhamadu Buhari.

`But in an actual sense what the government is portraying is that it can hurt its own people and get away with it!

The only offence commited was that he ran for president and till date stood as an opposition of the Buhari government and because he called for actual change he was jailed and his lawyer’s bribed.

The #Revolution Now pioneer has just as at yesterday evening went to the appeal court concerning the preliminary objection filed by the Federal Government to adjourn it’s case as they knew they had no case to fight.

He has come out to tell the public he won’t relent in fighting for our cause as a free nation and our rights properly kept.

At the appeal court yesterday it was reported that his supporters took some video footage in the court room concerning the court proceedings, as soon as the court session was over the police force tried to seize the mobile devices of his supporters.

But the situation was calmed only after the P.R.O of the Nigerian Police Force intervened in the matter and calmed the situation down.

The police has no right and would never have the right to seize the phones of citizens they must protect. Isn’t their work not to protect lives and property?, Why stealing the same properties your’e paid to keep. It is now clear the Nigeria Police Force has forgotten is our tax money that is used to feed them and their families.





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