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New: Join Gram Free and earn $1,100 in a month!

Many people asked me what the hell is gram free?

Gram Free is a free mobile app and website that offers it’s users the ability to refer individuals,engage in lotteries, take smart contracts and also watch videos and many other options are available for earning, the earning varies depending on your activities on the site and how constant you are on the site.

This one na another scam run oooo!“, this was the saying of a course mate of mine by the name Priscilla Ezinne when i tried introducing my coursemates to this programme, but unknowing to her my asst. course rep in the name of Ibeh Praise was already a member even before i started inviting people to the programme.


So in Gramfree there are many possible ways to make money but there is a question, can i withdraw immediately i start earning?

Unfortunately and honestly speaking gramfree does not allow you to withdraw the little you earn as it would not be beneficial to them and also to you.

Just imagine you have $200 and you wanna withdraw using master card and you are to withdraw that one, they would charge you 5% of that $200.

So it’s very important you participate in every possible activity so as to get to the minimum withdrawal of 500 Grammes.

You think is hard to get to 500 Grammes right? I’ll show you a little secret to that below.

How Do I Get 500 Grammes quickly?

500 Grammes isn’t quite that hard to get at all, that’s only when you put your mind at getting it and also some cheap investments.

Using Google Adwords is one of the easiest methods as you can easily put your referral link for adverts on different sites that partner with Google so as to get referral clicks that lead you to having more Grammes.

You can at least pay an amount of at least $16 to get to 100 and above clicks and $58 for 600 and more views using this method.

This method is proven to be tested and true for new users just trying out Gram for the first time. You can kindly contact us if you have issues with google ads accepting your link or if you have no idea on how to go about it.

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