Tunisians stage protest over...

First major demonstration in Tunis since President Kais Saied seized ruling powers and dismissed parliament in July.

18 Sep, 2021
Taliban replaces ministry for...

A new sign outside the Women’s Affairs Ministry announced it was now the ‘Ministry for Preaching and Guidance’.

18 Sep, 2021
Guinea refuses to allow...

Military says detained ex-President Conde will not be allowed to leave Guinea after the coup, defying regional pressure.

18 Sep, 2021
Brazil football legend Pele...

The 80-year-old was hospitalised again due to respiratory problems days after surgery for suspected colon tumour.

18 Sep, 2021
China’s Xi warns of...

Beijing says Asia-Pacific region must ‘resist external forces’ but Australia points to China’s own nuclear capabilities.

18 Sep, 2021
China pumps $14bn in...

The People’s Bank of China added 90 billion yuan of funds on a net basis as the Evergrande...

17 Sep, 2021
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New Social Media App Made in Nigeria

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In Nigeria a young man aged 22, named Daniel Uso .N. a graduate of UNIABUJA and a techguru.

The Social media App named “ChatUp” was published after the ban on Twitter by the Federal government of Nigeria.

It was made in a case all international social media networks are banned as another resort for only Nigerians to communicate and make friends and also make hashtags just like in Twitter!!!!

Just like Facebook or Twitter you can advertise your goods and services as low as 1 naira per click!

It is a competitor to beckon or reckon with.

If you are a Nigerian and you have not yet signed up, please visit ChatUp NG to begin.