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17 Sep, 2021
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Obasanjo recalls being saved by Walter Carrington from Abacha throwing him into the prison.

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Olusegun Obasanjo ex- president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria recalls how he was saved by Walter Carrington from Abacha putting him in prison.

He recalled Mr. Walter putting him in a sanctuary in the United States at the year 1995 at the reign of Gen. Sani Abacha to avoid imprisonment.

Obasanjo revealed that he turned down the asylum offer, despite its tempting and assuring details.

He said during Carrington’s tenure, the late envoy helped Nigeria to hasten the move to democratic rule which had run for over a decade.

The Owu born leader said that at that time, the country was facing a culture of arbitrariness, blatant abuse of human rights and scorn for the rule of law.

Obasanjo gave the report on Tuesday in a condolence letter to the late Ambassador’s wife, Mrs. Arese Carrington.

The former Nigerian leader said Carrington was one of the responsible, mature and respected voices that took Nigeria out of an “unfavorable situation”.

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