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No. 1 Online Website Design, Development and E-Commerce Training NG

Online Web Design And E-Commerce Skill Acquisition


Web Design and development among others is a very lucrative skill that can fetch you millions of dollars,yen,cedes,naira,etc.

Acquiring such skill in Asia is what brought about the Asian Tigers, now we live in a global village where information 99% of humans search online for such data which can or could be of help to them.

We offer online training courses and online video lectures on a daily basis to students interested then practical examinations at the end of every month which would be assessed by our team.

Our Plans are seen Below

Basic Packages : (4 months) Web Design

(N 5000)


1. Website of your own

2. Registered Domain With Google

3. Secured Hosting

Platinum Packages (6months) : Web Design/Development Training: (N 15,000)

1.Website of your own (WordPress and Simple site)

2.Registered Domain with Google

3.Secured Hosting/SSL

4.Online Store with Square, Shopify,etc.

5.E-Commerce Integration (MasterCard secure integration/PHP Integration

Gold Packages: Web Design +Web Development + E-Commerce (10 months): (N25,000)

1.Website of your own (WordPress Hosted)

2.Registered Domain with Google and paid hosting at WordPress

3.Online Store/Website/Blog of your own

4. Automatic Merchant Integration

5.SSL Certificates and administrative conteol of sales

6. Integrated all merchant sites into one website, online store or blog.

7. Quick AdSense approval (1week approximately)

8. .COM sites available

Contact Us: 2348050379452 (Whatsapp)/09037668341(MTN)


Benefits of ERP Integrationwith an E-CommerceStorefront

Reduces Data Redundancy, Human Involvement, and Error: …
Reduces Operation Costs: …
Increases Internal Productivity: …
Reduces Inventory Cost: …
Increases Customer Satisfaction: …
Generates Financial Reports in ERP: …
Better Control of your Business:
Also get trainings from your home from across the globe see below for International rates for training: