President Donald Trump speaks out on War on China and the Coronavirus Pandemic

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My name is Donald J Trump

Before I came to POWER, there was a lot of wickedness going on AGAINST America my country.
As a billionaire, I decided to run for the president to Change the status quo.

I later won the election and since the Inception of my leadership, all my salaries do go to the less privilege in America.

I brought my best team to rebrand the American Economy and to do that which Democrats couldn’t do.

America became the best Economy in the world.

Since I took over power, all the MEDIA houses turned against me. From one false news to another just to destroy me…
The reason they hate me was because I recognized Jerusalem as the capital of israel and failed to Join in their Illuminati cult.

I was planning that in my second term in office, I will look towards Africa and liberate them from the bondage they are from the Europeans.

I never knew that China was planning to recognize Africa. They brought a disease CALLED CORONA VIRUS and hid it away from the rest of the world.

Today it has shattered my country and still raking havoc

I am perplexed. I love my citizens and hate to see them dying as it is happening today.

We have spent trillions of dollars just because of what China caused. I would have used this money to liberate Africa especially those trapped in Nigeria and stop the killing of Christians.

I am in a very sad mood now.

If you see this statement, say a word of prayers for me…



The Global Health Emergency and Donald Trump’s War with China

Before the pandemic America was in a trade war with China and China had a record loss of 1 billion dollars to America, but with this pandemic America lost trillions, does that sound a warning to you? Well this article would send a message to the White House which is having declassified information.

If you can remember vividly when the trade war started China boasted that America wont win the trade war even if their stocks dropped I’m the exchange market greatly.

After some months China sent it’s executives of trade and investment to meet with the President of America and didn’t reach any agreement until late last year when it was said a phase one trade deal was made. Just continue reading.

Then economies continued blooming until the protests in Hong Kong was sparked off, Hong Kong wanted to be excluded from China’s authoritarian government and America stood with the once Brithish colonized state.

President Xi Jin Ping was enraged that America would interfere in China’s domestic affairs so the following was planned

  • The government planned to disperse the citizens protesting at HongKong using specially made tear gas
  • Specially made tear gas was being developed in Wuhan,China.
  • Tear gas was invented to make citizens mentally degraded so as to arrest them massively and throw into jail.
  • Tear gas chemical substance and testing resulted into the invention of Coronavirus
  • Dr. Li Weinliang tried to expose the government his punishment was; dispose of infected bodies without adequate protection (He dies)
  • Chinese journalist who reported and was nowhere to be found actually fled with samples of virus to America (maybe to find a solution)
  • The virus spreads quickly but China contains it (Funny right?)
  • America loses one trillion dollar to Coronavirus.
  • Nigeria loses it second most powerful man to the virus
  • Italy records the highest records of death due to the virus

Has China agreed to open it doors for investigation to the epicenter of the virus?

“Hell No!!!”

There is a reason for that to hide their wickedness to the whole world so Mr. President I present to you the Dragon the book of Revelation talked about and now the whole world bows to China and even W.H.O appraised them for bringing a pandemic and curbing it speedily.

Come, if WHO wants us to heal direct China to open Wuhan, Hubei Province for a global forensic,chemical and laboratory inspection and subpoena all people’s army.

The world is now suffering because of China please help us in Nigeria as our government has refused to help us financially please click the donate button below.

To get the latest on the Coronavirus disease click here

Please join our broadcast TV channel in telegram here

President Donald Trump speaks out war on China and othe
President Donald J Trump
Coronavirus Pandemic
Map showing the spread of COVID-19

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