Red Alert!!!! : Coronavirus in America

The deadly coronavirus which began in China has affected three people just recently in the US and six in France. This same deadly virus is responsible for the death of 68 Chinese people which makes it one of the quickest virus in human history to have spread so fast with a little or no amount of time wasteage and if care is not taken one could get affected by skin rubbing skins especially when skin is wet and dirty.

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According to media reports the three infected patients in the U.S are still in good condition and situation is under control, but yet not all of us are satisfied as citizens of America as some of our friends are still in China and have to return back before they get infected. The Trump administration has ordered for flights to land over there and get them out of China according to Fox News @4:00pm (West African Time).

Is it that we are close to a zombie type invasion because of harazadous weather/Climate change? Well I leave the viewers to comment their thoughts below.

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