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Refund Policy

Here in Global Updates Blog formerly known as Global Updates Blog and Stores have refund policies which apply to our customers and our services rendered to them.

Offline Services RP

When our services are rendered to clients,organizations or industries there is no refund policy to it only that if customer’s needs are not meet we use our own funds to cover up the damage, which means the bill is on us

Online Services RP

As you all know this is not just a blog but a webshop coming soon we”ll be gifting giftcards to our wonderful viewers and you”ll soon all be able to trade on this site as time goes on like exchanging bitcoins with gift cards and so on.

Now our online services are 100% guarranteed as we have samples of services rendered with 100% expertise from web design, coding,development,and even best SEO expertise.

In a case where customer is not satisfied with goods on the site which are not services but good seen on the site for sales like laptops,phones,etc after purchase a refund would take place if;

  • Goods bought were bought by verified sellers on this site
  • Were not destroyed by any means necessary
  • Proper documentation stating your invoice from us and receipts
  • If any goods be it an online service or physical goods or digital media if payment was made via our checkout and there was a network issue. Refunds would only be made with required NFIU documents and bank statement stating payment was made via any payment gate way like Flutterwave and Vogue pay