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17 Sep, 2021
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17 Sep, 2021
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Rihanna dubbed Richest female musician in the world

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American Entertainer and Fashion Designer, Rihanna has been reported to be the richest female entertainer in the music industry being seconded by Oprah Winfrey of the Oprah’s show.

Rihanna on the cover of Forbes magazine

According to Forbes magazine, the multi talented black entertainer who has also starred in blockbuster movies is said to now be worth $18 billion and now she is way richer than Winfrey!!!

But when asked in an interview how she made it to that point and her source of income this was her reply;

“I had opened a fashion line since 2011 and had to work hard doing music and the both actually; she laughed hysterically, but that’s what got me here where i am now.”

This milestone achievement has got her to be the talk of the world and how she did it is one that many ladies would want to emulate.