Statues in US

Statues destroyed accross the United States

There has been chaos and statues destroyed & pandemonium following the death of black man, George Floyd who was murdered by white police officers kneeling on his neck and lower back.

The streets of Seattle were filled with rioters and protesters from the popular ANTIFA group, and they brought down statues upon statues and even caused the Seattle Police Department to retreat,closing down their offices and surrendering to the protesters.

Statue of Columbus
Beheaded Statue of Columbus
Fallen Columbus
Fallen Columbus

Chaos breaks out in Seattle and protesters call it a “Cop Free” Zone. The United States is also calling for a cancellation of culture to stop these acts of violence prevalent in Donald Trump’s country.

See below statue thrown into a lake of fire

Statue in ruins
Statue in ruins
Statue in fire
Statue in the lake of fire

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