The Black Lives Matter movement are not as peaceful and friendly as they look

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According to latest reports, the citizens have claimed that the Black Lives Matter movement is not a peaceful when and the have ulterior motives to disrupt the economy of America.

They don’t look forward to a peaceful resolution instead inciting violence all across the U.S is what they have been seen doing.

The death of 8 year old Secoria and James Gardener were as a result of the retaliation of B.L.M members to those who didn’t follow in the protest.

It can be recalled that the mother of Secoria and father of Gardener were shocked about what happened and even at that cried out for justice to take it’s place.

Earlier last month Mayor Bill De Blaiso of New York was seen painting the floors of Trump Towers with the B.L.M abbreviation stated clearly, it is of no doubt he sponsored black thugs with sophisticated arms to block the passages to some towns in New York so as to frustrate republicans after causing chaos.

Many blacks in the U.S have come out to state that the motives of the B.L.M are not what they are fighting for, then if they are not fighting for the unlawful death of George Floyd, what then?

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