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The Federal Government of Nigeria has opened a new portal for disengaged N-power beneficiaries

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The Federal Government of Nigeria of recent has announced the opening of a new portal for the disengaged beneficiaries of the N- Power project.

Established in 2016, the N-Power scheme is targeted at unemployed graduates who are engaged by the government and paid N30, 000 monthly stipend.

Over 200, 000 graduates were taken in at inception of the programme.

In a statement on Friday, Rhoda Iliya, deputy director of information at the ministry overseeing the scheme, said those affected are batches A and B beneficiaries who will now exit the programme by June 30 and July 31 respectively.

A new batch C, however, will be enrolled starting from July 26.

“The Ministry has announced that Batch A will exit June 30, 2020 and Batch B will exit the programme on July 31, 2020. And the commencement of enrolment for a new batch of N-Power beneficiaries effective July 26, 2020,” the statement read.

“The federal government is committed to the continuation and expansion and as such will now begin enrolment and onboarding of a new Batch of beneficiaries. Skills acquisition for entrepreneurship and job creation are critical for an economy that will require a boost POST-COVID-19 and we are gearing up proactively for the challenge.

“The online portal would be open to receive applications from noon on June 26, 2020 and will provide a level playing field for all applicants. All applicants must supply their Bank Verification Number (BVN) in their application. This is to ensure a streamlined and transparent selection process.

“Once applications are submitted, the ministry will review submissions and publish a list of successful applicants. .

“We have commenced the transitioning of beneficiaries from batches A and B into government entrepreneurship schemes and engaging private sector bodies to absorb some of the beneficiaries after the completion of psychometric assessment to determine competency and placement into various opportunities.”

The ministry said the new development is meant to provide opportunities for more Nigerian youth to be part of the programme.