Stone Age axe dating...

Researchers find North Africa’s oldest Stone Age hand-axe manufacturing site, dating back 1.3 million years.

28 Jul, 2021
Kandahar residents fear Taliban...

Thousands of Afghans displaced and many forced to flee to safer places as Taliban surrounds Kandahar city.

28 Jul, 2021
Chinese officials and Taliban...

Meeting in Chinese city of Tianjin comes as US-led foreign forces continue pulling out of Afghanistan.

28 Jul, 2021
Tunisia crisis prompts surge...

Social media propaganda emanating from Saudi Arabia and the UAE seeks to justify Tunisian president’s actions.

28 Jul, 2021
Thousands of scientists warn...

Researchers say ‘overexploitation of the Earth’ has seen many of its ‘vital signs’ deteriorate to record levels.

28 Jul, 2021
Amazon’s denies accepting Bitcoin,...

A job posting for a digital currency lead briefly pushed Bitcoin past $40,000 on Monday, its highest since...

27 Jul, 2021
Powered by'> This hollow mountain throws objects at you


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Check out @iTv001’s Tweet:
This short video below shows a unifrom officer throwing a can and it is being thrown back to the spot he stood it is a very strange event happening now!!!!! Is this a sign of rapture coming? A sign of Jesus Coming? The sign of the end? I think so I think prophecy is being fulfilled at a fast pace that nobody knows about .
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