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Trump slams climate change as fire rages West Coast communities in America



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Yet again, the president of the United States Donald John Trump has attacked scientists who claimed the ravaging blaze destroying properties and displacing people in the country, is not caused by climate change.

This has been his stance ever since America got into a “Code Red” in climate crisis, he has never seen this issue as a climate change issue but a natural disaster which would probably wear off.

On a day when Democratic nominee Joe Biden branded him a “climate arsonist” and global warming burst to the center of the campaign, Trump again ditched research and data for his own wild hunches and odd theories about California’s wildfires. And his counter-factual tendencies, which are responsible for widespread harm but are nevertheless embraced by supporters as germane to Trump’s political brand, were at work on multiple fronts Monday with America under assault from concurrent crises.

As wildfires swept across the West, causing dozens of deaths, destroying property and polluting the air with smoke, Trump abruptly shut down an official who warned that climate change was fueling the flames — by saying the weather would soon start “getting cooler.” Even by his own standards, it was one of the President’s most shocking comments on global warming — which he has previously referred to as a “hoax.”

A hurricane barreling toward New Orleans, meanwhile, revived memories of Trump’s reported Sharpie doctoring of a government weather map to back up his false claim that Hurricane Dorian was headed to Alabama.

Reaction is also building to reports that the White House has put a global warming skeptic in a leadership role at the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration, which is responsible for much of the climate research produced by the government.

There were occasions when Donald J Trump made a statement saying, “I don’t think the science knows” referring to the climate crisis being faced not only America but in it’s neighboring states.