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When People Starve You Get Bandits- Peter Obi (Former Vice Presidential Candidate)



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 The former governor of Anambra State and former vice presidential candidate of Nigeria’s last elections Peter Obi has spoken of the present economy of Nigeria and PDP’s move to reposition itself and the economy.

When being interviewed by Arise News correspondents he was asked “Are you optimistic that a miracle would happen to this economy of ours?”
And he answered “I wouldn’t say for now but i’ll say this whenever you see things that are wrong say it, I am someone that believe we have to fight and challenge the wrongs for a better tomorrow, i wake up every morning with the essence that everything would get better”.
Then again he was asked by another Arise News correspondent this time a beautiful female journalist (name withheld) about his thinking of the election and it’s genuinity and he replied, “I can tell you the whole thing is a mess and needs to be corrected conclusively”
When asked about what he thinks about the ongoing banditry going on in the North Eastern states in Nigeria and told the news correspondents “When people are starving you get bandits”.
And truly speaking i agree with this man of amass intelligence that when one starves one has to go into any available vice that could bring in some financial prosperity to such an individual. This economy gradually could become liquidated in the nearest future if we don’t start to make economical reforms and adjustments that would boost the revenue of the Federal Government of Nigeria resulting into a prosperous nation like China, U.S.A, Japan,Dubai,Israel,etc. Let this administration i would lastly contribute give a listening ear to Omoyele Sowore of the A.A.C Party (Former presidential candidate) he is really promising and has a solution that would put Nigeria in the global Market competition probably competing with the International Market.