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Why Trump must be elected for a second term.



President Trump
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Recently in the United States apart from the pandemic whcih President Trump is fighting with his team.

There was chaos after the killing of Geeorge Floyd by a white cop.

Ok, this black man was killed for no reason.

But the question is who sent the cops there or who called the cops on that man?

Early last year there were cases of white people illegally calling the cops on black people for no reason, which was why they nicknamed a lady “Call Of Booty Specail Kids OPS”, for calling the cops on an eight year old who she accused of sexually assaulting her.

The Battle to save Trump’s America

President Trump had vowed to protect the history of the American people

and criminalize the taking down of statues which he described as “monumental”

He had already at 78 hours ago introduced a new bill

which gave ten years sentence to people who break the law of keeping the statues.

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President Trump should be voted for so as to keep America

in law and order.

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