//Hubei Province Woman who actually spread Coronavirus to the world

Hubei Province Woman who actually spread Coronavirus to the world

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An unknown  Hubei province woman who was tested positive for the deadly pandemic of recent, devised a way of killing more Chinese people by infecting them coughing in the elevator buttons so people can use it then get infected as her spit was already everywhere on the buttons.

This is a very serious case and if you see below her actions were intentional.

She has been reponsible for spreading Coronavirus to many people in Wuhan making them die instantly after she was diagnosed positive for the COVID-19 Coronavirus disease.

She was seen last in a hospital in Wuhan in an elevator with a CCTV camera sneezing and coughing on the elevator buttons so anyone who touches it gets infected.

And as if she knew, her plan worked! 

About four more people joined her in the lift and were “unknowingly” infecting themselves with the virus without a hand sanitizer to sanitize their hands after touching the buttons.

Isn’t this world a wicked world? So her aim was to kill other fellow human beings like her just because she was sick?

This is why every citizen in th e global community must be careful and stay safe at home so as not to contract this deadly disease.

Coronavirus hits Nigeria

In Nigeria we have recorded over 5000 cases with deaths of over a thousand mostly because of ignorance.

Just yesterday in my area in the Federal Capital Territory i saw women going from house to house to beg for alms and i suspect they from Kano, State Nigeria where there were reports of mysterious deaths.

Is this actual ignorance that”ll making fighting the noble Coronavirus pandemic in Nigeria and Sub-Saharan Africa very hard.

Already Nigeria lists as 165 globally in its healthcare services which is relatively poor especially in these perilous times.

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