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YNW Melly is accused of setting up Pop Smoke and King Von



YNW Melly
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If you follow the recent happenings you would know that American rapper known as YNW Melly is behind bars for the setup and death of tow of his close associates.

It was reported by a youtuber known as the “Dark Side of Fame” alleging the rapper for being involved in the death of King Von and Pop Smoke.

The youtuber showed a leaked video of YNW Melly on his prison bed laying down on his back on that fateful day, it shows a tall muscular guy trying to bully Melly, then Melly openly threathened him and said, “Get your bloody hands of me so i don’t waste you like i did Pop Smoke and Von!!” and the bully seemed so suprised, retreated and ran off.

It was later gathered that the bully has been spreading the threat as a rumor that made us believe YNW Melly set up the death of King Von and Pop Smoke and it went viral, making the law court deny YNW Melly’s release from prison until further investigations have been made into the matter.

But no comments have been made concerning the allegations.

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